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In The Land of Invisible Women

I just finished reading Quanta Ahmed’s powerful book of her two year experience of living in Saudi Arabia. What do you know about Saudi Arabia?  I don’t know much either. The first time I ever remember hearing about the country … Continue reading

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He kills me

I’m married, but I still have me a celebrity crush here and there.  And here and there is very much true, as there aren’t many celebrities worthy of my “crush”.  And almost never, will they remain anything but fleeting.  It’s … Continue reading

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Happiness and wrestling with angels

Sometimes, going to church, I just don’t get inspired. Afterall, I have been going regularly for the past 35 years.  You get to the point where you can finish people’s sentences, know how they’re gonna start a talk, know what … Continue reading

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Person of the year

When did you join facebook?  If it was pre-2006, you are very cool. Facebook started in 2003, but was intended first for Harvard.  In 2004, facebook takes on the rest of the colleges.  In 2005- Highschools.  In 2006:  Facebook opens … Continue reading

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I’ve made a goal to start a blog this 2011 and to write in it at least once a week- to be clear: most likely once a week (I can do that).  52 entries, come 2012.  That’s sayin somethin. Allready, … Continue reading

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