I’ve made a goal to start a blog this 2011 and to write in it at least once a week- to be clear: most likely once a week (I can do that).  52 entries, come 2012.  That’s sayin somethin.

Allready, it took quite a bit of time just to come up with a good name for the blog, here were some other thoughts:

marmalade                       (cute and wonderfully bright)

acertainslantoflight          (more about Emily Dickinson later…)

thinkingoutloud                (what I’ll be doing on this blog)

maven                               (sharing a good come by)

But all these were taken.  I’m trying to put a finger on why I came up with theswansneck, but I can’t.  I swear it just came to be and seemed right.  So if you’re wondering what the title means… so am I.

What will I put on these pages?  Randomness.  There is no particular theme.  I’ll come across something I think is interesting and post it.  I have to admit, I worry about nobody else finding these things interesting, and then I’ll look at myself in the mirror and realize that I really am odd.   … But this blog is more about me and the process I’ll go through in obtaining this goal- like learning what a “widget” or “askimet” is and I’ve even created a gravatar, which makes me look smooooth.  And to have to organize my thoughts and write and be just a little bit creative… is good for me.

To my husband, two brothers and three sisters:  I hope you read.  You MUST read, you are the only audience I can demand.  Thank-you.  It’s just 2011, you know.  I will buy you all a concrete at Nielsen’s come the end of the year. (motivation enough!?)

and that’s the first post.

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2 Responses to theswansneck

  1. Sooo glad you are blogging… I have long thought you needed to be out here with us all! Can’t wait to have more time to read it all!!

  2. Jaclyn says:

    I’m so glad you are finally putting your writing talents out there for all to enjoy, because you really are talented. And interesting to read. I already have new things to do and read on my list just from my first perusal of your blog- that’s the sign of a good blog.
    And you didn’t even say “seriously so blessed” even once like so many other blogging mothers. Not that I would expect you to ever use such a cliche…

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