He kills me

I’m married, but I still have me a celebrity crush here and there.  And here and there is very much true, as there aren’t many celebrities worthy of my “crush”.  And almost never, will they remain anything but fleeting.  It’s a difficult life to be a celebrity- most become “jaded”.  Most start out talented and true, and then fame hits them with all its powers of dark and light.  They get heady.  They are surrounded by luxury, wealth, power, intelligence, beauty, sex, and the games we play.  How could they not?  In fact, probably when they reach the pearly gates of Heaven, there will be a great deal of sympathy and maybe even a discount on the entry fee.

I like to make fun of stars.  So does Todd, and pretty much everybody I hang around.  BUT the truth is, I wonder what decisions I would make in the same circumstances.  I do envy some of the amazing things they get to experience- I would LOVE to be part of making a movie.  I would love meeting so many new and crazy talented people, traveling to all the set locations, working on “the role”.  When Peter Jackson announced he would be making the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I almost wrote him a tear-stained letter about how much I desperately wanted to be a part of such a glorius project. (yes, glorius.)

There are many great and wonderful things about being a famous movie star, sports star, entertainer, etc. etc.   However, such a life can be extremely difficult on the personality and moral compass.  So many divorces, affairs, drugs, alcoholism, gluttonous living, conspicuous consumption, shallowness, anorexia, over-eating, jealousy.  Take all the vices in life, enlarge and intensify them, let them fill the clouds above and have it rain down upon you.  That is the life of a celebrity.

All this exists in the unspottlighted life, but to not such a degree.  Thinking of myself- I have yet to be sent off to Africa for a few months for a film shoot, away from Todd (he has his own job to manage), cast opposite an extremely handsome and witty male actor, who (in the movie) I fall in love with and spend many, many hours for the next weeks, talking and laughing and really getting to know, with wonderfully scripted words and not to mention I get to be a pretend character, who is usually more charming and exciting than my very own ordinary life.

Nope. Hasn’t happened to me yet.  In fact- I rarely get to talk to men.  And I’m not afraid of talking to men, I welcome it and value it.  It’s just that my life circumstances revolve mostly around kids and other women.  Unlike celebrities who are constantly around exciting, beautiful men and women, pushing the boundaries, I would have a hard time having an affair, even if I wanted one. (which I don’t, as I really don’t like affairs)

I have rarely been super-tested, as all of these people do, who choose such lives.  Of course, this isn’t to say that I don’t deal with such temptations.  And I don’t mean to paint my life as simple or boring.  Like I said earlier, I make fun of superstars, and for good reason.  I’m just trying to give them a little bit more understanding….

So back to my celebrity crush.  It’s fickle.  Why?  Well, let me give an anology.  I love music, as one of the greatest pleasures in life.  But when I listen to it, I rarely hear the words.  I just go off of how the music makes me feel.  So often I may really love a song, not knowing the words are sending out a really lousy message.  (not knowing until my sister Carrie, or daughter Kaite or friend Caroline tells me the words to the song, cause they ALWAYS know all the words)

That’s how my celebrity interest works, especially at my age.  I don’t really know that much about the guy.  I just kind of go off of a small picture.  I may really like them for such and such a reason, and then later find out what a creep they are (John Mayer).  So, yes… fleeting and few and far between.

BUT currently, we’ve got a winner:  Brandon Flowers.  Lead singer of The Killers.

I love his music.  The sound of his voice.  You can see a clear passion in him for what he does and he’s creative, and just a little bit quirky.  He’s an individual.  Other than his music, I don’t know much about him.  And usually it’s best left at that.

I’m guessing that he likes to make music videos, because he’s made a lot of them.  These two are my favorite:

#1 Crossfire:

OK, so the Chinese starweapons could have been left out, but the whole vid just cracks me up.  He’s got a great sense of humor.  Loved seeing Charlize Theron in it.

Here’s #2:  Only the Young (I eat this up)

I’m smiling.  It’s just so fun.  The people falling from the ceiling, the flowing gauze, Brandon’s funky gestures.  Totally dig it.  (p.s.- look for the Joseph Smith moment- did you notice it?)

Love a good music video.

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4 Responses to He kills me

  1. Todd says:

    “I’ve rarely been super tested” – ummm, could you please let me know when those times were, I wouldn’t mind knowing what I’m up against …

    —- your “non-celebrity crush”

  2. Deanie Stott says:

    Loved your blog Lyn. Qanta is an amazing woman, and I think I know all I need to know about Mark Zuckerman (sp?) looking forward to reading more.

  3. Nicole says:

    My sisters husband is friends with him. He is from Nephi. You probably already knew that…

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