Charlie Sheen rant

If you haven’t seen this interview of Charlie Sheen allready, take a look:


You’ll notice the wild, cagey look in his face and eyes.

You’ll notice he’s smoking during the interview.  He has to.

He’s getting a divorce from his third wife.  He has lost custody of his children.

He’s (a haggard) 45, currently lives with two women- one a nanny and the other an ex-porn star, both 24.  They live with him because of his money.

He’s been fired from  Two and 1/2 men, costing the show millions of dollars.

He declares the people that he works with are all idiots and “retarded zombies”.  And so are his ex-wives.  He threatened to chop his latest wife’s head off, just recently on her answering machine.

But he’s got bravado!  And he can “ingest” drugs with the very best of em!  Nobody can party like Charlie!!


Can one really change “in the blink of an eye?”  I’ve never seen it happen.

Of course, his “blink of an eye” is really him being fired, thus no more money for banging 7 gram rocks and exposing others to magic. His “blink of an eye” is FEAR- having lived like a radical rockstar is sure to have left little in the coffers.  He’s gonna be as poor as a teacher!  That’s the bottom line of this whole interview- he’s scared to death now that he will not be making millions from his TV show, and he’s gonna make a stink about it all so he can take his network to court and sue for 300 million dollars.  If he doesn’t have his millions, he has nothing.

He was the highest paid television star netting 1.3 million per episode and he had a contract for another season.  Now that’s all gone.

I find it most interesting that Charlie was actually fired.  Can you imagine how LIVID the “suits”- or the network guys must have been to actually cut the show?!  Two and 1/2 men was the #1 sitcom, bringing in millions.  I think I am just as surprised as Charlie that they really did it.

You just don’t mess with drugs.  Drugs RULE the user.  Drugs are the smartest, the cleverest, the coldest.  Black magic.

Sooooooooooooooo……………………………………………………………..on another note:

I think it would be a good idea for parents to gather stories, like Charlie Sheen’s , Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan (the list goes on and on) and show them to their children.  Show them what happens when you make certain choices.  It’s not a story, or a theory, it’s real life.  It should be mandatory for child stars to continually view these real-life lessons.   We tell our kids about this stuff, but seeing it is much more powerful.

I remember in High School, I took a health class of sorts that focused on staying out of drugs and alcohol, called ATAC. Our teacher was excellent- he brought in several people from the community to tell their stories.  One was a drug addict, one was a teenage mom, another was a divorced mom with several kids and no education.  They told us about the decisions they made and how they wished they would have been smarter about their lives.  It was very powerful.  We had been reading and talking about such things, but until we heard their personal stories, it hadn’t “hit home”.  After hearing their stories, I knew without a doubt, that I would not get pregnant as a teen, and I knew that I was going to get a college degree, even though I planned on staying home with my kids to raise them.

I have great parents and they had allready taught me these things, but there’s something different about seeing what happened to these real-time people, my contemporaries.   I think of that teacher highly- he had the insight, the wisdom and then made it happen.  It was a remarkable experience.

Anyways….. glad Lothlorien was the only magic I was ever exposed to.

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2 Responses to Charlie Sheen rant

  1. adria75 says:

    So, does this mean you aren’t going to go see him when he’s on tour? He’s coming to Seattle in May and tickets only cost $50 to $575….it’s amazing, I tell ya…only in America would people actually pay to see a loser like Charlie in person.

    • lynnley says:

      So we get to pay to see him rant? Or does he juggle?
      He’s actually pretty funny…. but it might get gross, spending a whole evening with him….

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