Day of Fools

April Fool’s.  How do these things start?

So * of course* our family is big into the trickery, the lying and the mockery of this inventive day.  I start thinking weeks ahead.  Not that I am very creative or that I do anything in a big way, but JUST that I do something, anything to fool at least one person.  I pull off one trick, and I’m thrilled.  So last Friday, the day of April Fool’s, I had something up my sleeve.

But so did my girls.

Friday morning, when all should still be sleeping, Todd and I awoke to small sounds and flashlights in our room.  Ahyehhh!  Kaite, Addy!  What are you doing?!  It’s……..  2 am!!!!  What is going on?  Go back to bed.  Go to bed girls.  (Todd and I are both too drowsy for good thinking here- we didn’t wonder why they were up, just that they needed to go back to sleep… so we could go back to sleep *of course*).

But in case YOU are wondering what in heaven’s name they were doing from 2-3 in the morning, take a look at this (I found this paper in their room the following morning):

Kaite and Addy's "Fooling"

My favorite is the last one:  dress up in black, grab butter knife and pretend to be robber.

Makes me wonder what would become of us all if they were Romanian street urchins…..

So Todd and I wake up April 1st.  I jump out of bed to make sure I get my trick in on my first victim:  Jackson.  I go to open our bedroom door, and:  honey on the doorknob.  Icky, sticky.  Head to the bathroom to wash my hands:  squirty water all over me, cause there’s tape on the faucet.  Then, sit down on the toilet, ewwee: sugar water on the toilet seat.  Dang.  Bam, bam, bam.  The girls have pulled off a successful string of Fools Day.                  Impressive.

But I still can get mine in.  Jack is taking a shower- meanwhile, I have taken all towels out of the room, except a dark brown one, conveniently piled on the floor right next to the shower.  And on that dark towel, I have sprinkled grape kool-aid, in hopes that Jack will turn purple as he dries himself off.  I was so excited.

Tropical Punch is my all-time my fav flav.

I waited for the “what the?!@#”

But it never came.

He had used the wrong side and all the kool-aid had fallen to the floor.  But I didn’t say anything, cause I was going to try it on Todd.

Just then, Eli wakes up all sleepy head and groggy and I walk over for his morning hug, and there on his puffy morning face was a handlebar mustache and goatee (drawn on by a brown magic marker and Kaite’s artistic flair).  This was my favorite of the Fools Day tricks.  I laughed a good hardy laugh.  Eli just stared at me- — what?

Jackson, meanwhile, had remembered it was April Fool’s Day, but had not pre-planned anything and was DESPERATE to get somebody.  He poured like a gallon of water in front of our bedroom door, while we were changing, so when we walked out we’d get our feet wet.  (like I said, he was desparate, and he’s 13)  Classic Jack.  The water seeped all over, behind the TV and bookshelp, resting in a pool against the electric cord, plug in thingy. (I think the thick matted, wet dust balls kept us all safe from an electric explosion…)

He then tried to think of something to get his carpool with and started to make a food coloring and ketchup concoction- about two cups worth of fake blood.  I don’t know what he was going to do with that, and neither did he, but he was so excited to make it.  (down the drain it went…)  But in the end, we calmed him down and told him he has to pre-plan these things and the jokes have to fit within a certain perameter.  But it’s kinda hard to explain that very sketcy border of what makes a good April Fools, and a bad one.  It’s like trying to explain humor.

But I still had one card up my sleeve for Todd.  I shook down his dark red towel with cherry kool-aid and decided I would personally hand him his towel…. And any other day it would have worked like a charm,…. But not this day.  He was on to me before he even smelled the cherry.

Oh well.  There’s always next year.

I’ve had a few successes in the past, here is a favorite:

One year a friend of mine had just got baby chickens for the first time.  She has four kids and they were all over those adorable chicks.  So I called her early April Fool’s morning, and with worry in my voice, I asked if she had been listening to the news.  About the bird flu- how it’s being spread by baby chicks.  And those chicks were from this area.  And it’s very contagious and could put your child in the hospital.  And how they were asking everyone to bring their children in for shots and screenings, and to expect it to take the WHOLE day, and…… I went on and on.

She bought it.    Made my day.

And the year we made Jackson bloody and pretended he was hit by a baseball.  Todd came tearing down the stairs, but Addy’s smile burst out from the corners of her mouth and he was on to us not more than a few seconds.

There’s more, but I would love to hear from you.  I need some new ideas…..

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3 Responses to Day of Fools

  1. Karen Felt says:

    Bahhaha, couldn’t stop laughing, you guys are so classic and fun! Gives me some good ideas for next hear…. (cue evil laughter). The only thing i did was fake my sister out that we wouldn’t make it for a long planned visit due to sick kids.. she was convinced for the 10 seconds I let it last… I have a hard time making people feel bad for very long. So I end up spilling it quickly. I like your ideas better!

  2. Lynley's Lover says:

    Shame . . . afraid to share with the world my getting you badly early in the AM as we woke and I shared with you the tragic truth regarding my gambling problem. April Fools Day … tread lightly at the Hogan house.

  3. Carrie says:

    Ha! Thanks for the good laugh. Looks like Kaite and Addy won this year. Good job girls!

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