I love Ruby Red Grapefruit.  I have loved it ever since gorging on it in Texas.  Cause in Texas, the ruby red grapefruit is as sweet as candy, and as big as the state flag.  I am so glad to have discovered such a treasure, while living in Texas.

But now I’m in Utah.  When at the supermarket, when looking for grapefruit, I always search for the “grown in Texas” label, then I know it’ll be delicious.  My kids gorge on the stuff as well, which makes me feel like a good mom.  So, I was at Costco, scanning their produce piles and there was this giant bag of grapefruits, but as I came closer, the bag said “pomplemousse”.  Darn.  I don’t know if I like pomplemousse- what if it’s a wierd, soury version of the grapefruit, like a tangelo is of the orange?  I can’t buy such a huge bag and come to find out they are no good.  I was disappointed.  I was tempted to try them anyways… but money is tight.  But I bought them anyways.

Come to find out…. pomplemousse is the French word for grapefruit.  And they were delicious.  We ate them all up.  I guess the French like their ruby red too.

But THAT is not what I have come to share with you today.  I’d like to talk about the Pomplamousse from California.  The band, though they are a little fruity.

I bet you’ve allready heard of them, but if you haven’t… this will be fun.  Jack Conte and Natalie Dawn Knutsen make up the gal/guy duo, and they perform covers- write and switch up the music, play all the instruments and video the whole process.  They are INDIE all the way baby, and you can even download many of their songs for freeeeeeeeeeeee.

Here is their youtube page:


A few of my favorites:

Mr. Sandman


La Vie en Rose  


All the Single Ladies


Yeah, they just do it in… like… their basement.  Cool.  Quirky low key, but really good and so catchy.  Listen to the songs a few times, and you’ll be singin em the rest of the day.  The videos are fun, cause they are so original and different.  But I do wish Natalie would move her mouth a little more.  I’d like to see her really belt something out.  She always keeps it all in a tiny seismic graphic, the line never going over an inch or so.  I know this is exactly NOT her style, but I’d like to see more expression from her.  But I love the songs, and it’s them, not a huge recording company with dozens of people involve.  They get to shoot straight from the hip.


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2 Responses to Pomplemousse

  1. Karen Felt says:

    This is so fun! After listening to their channel for a while I think I like Another day best. Thanks for sharing. You always seem to be so up on music! … Thank you oh guru of hip-ness! 😉

  2. lynnley says:

    Yeah- like Another day too!
    The real cool thing is: I can see you and Dan doing just this sort of thing- pomplamoose style.

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