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The Thought of You

Watch this, “The Thought of You”: I love it.  I feel it.  It seems real, I could watch it over and over. But. I’m puzzled.  about the ending.  Which I guess means I’m wondering about the beginning as well, … Continue reading

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Mad as Hell

Have you seen the Inside Job?  If you haven’t- GO SEE IT!  Watch it on Netflix, borrow it from the library… whatever you need to do to get this information in your head.  It’s important.  Just beware, cause it’ll make … Continue reading

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Thin Mints

There’s not a lot of things I KNOW.  There are a lot of things I’ve heard.  I’ve been to school, to college, I go to church regularly.  I read.  So, I’ve heard advices and wisdoms and stories galore about how … Continue reading

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