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Goblin Valley

It’s January.  You’ve just been through Christmas- one of the busier times of the year.  You’re taking down the decorations, vacuuming up tinsel and the last of the pine needles.  The days are darker and colder, scarves sit at the … Continue reading

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The Green Thing

My mom doesn’t get on Facebook, she doesn’t read blogs (mine included), she searches on Google… maybe once a month? (just doesn’t occur to her to use it when she has a question about something- like the number to the … Continue reading

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Soft Grass

Listened to “The Inner Landscape of Beauty”  podcast this morning on a bikeride overlooking Bountiful valley.  I just might have chosen this particular conversation, as in the description it mentions Ireland.  And these days, with an entirely unusual cold … Continue reading

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.  Have you had it?  I’m sure you have.  I thought I’d had it… til I went to Peggy’s pie making class at the Treehouse Inn.    The tag on this class read something like:  Peggy makes the best … Continue reading

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