Soft Grass

Listened to “The Inner Landscape of Beauty”  podcast this morning on a bikeride overlooking Bountiful valley.  I just might have chosen this particular conversation, as in the description it mentions Ireland.  And these days, with an entirely unusual cold and wet, wet, wet “Spring” , Utah is looking more and more like the green fields of Ireland.  EVEN the land above the North Salt Lake gravel pit (across from Southern Exposure and the smoking oil refineries- ahh, now you know what I’m talkin ’bout) is swaying in knee high soft green grass.

But I’m sharing it with you because I really enjoyed what John O’Donohue had to say.  He’s inspiring and the message is meaningful and I absolutely loved it.  I’m pretty darn sure you won’t regret the time used to listen.

Go to the link and click on the orange “listen now” or “podcast”.  You can listen to it on your computer or download it as a podcast on your iphone or ipad or ipod or smartphone or whatever it is you have, if you’re lucky.  Listen to it when you are on a run, bike ride, making dinner, washing the dishes, enjoying the view of your garden, on a long drive…….On the bus to work…..making something with your hands.

It’s uplifting.  In fact, I think I need to listen to it again.  Sometimes I do that, though not very often.  But really, to get the most out of something you love, I would think that reading it, or watching it, or listening to it a few times, would help “set” the ideas into the mind.  That’s certainly one reason we go to church over and over….

The program is called “Being” with Krista Tippetts and is a function of American Public Radio.  I’ve blogged about it before and will again, because the conversations she puts together are extraordinary.  If you aren’t allready a regular listener, just check it out- you may find something very special.  I have.

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