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Madame President

You’ve heard that we have a Presidential race in the running. I was thinking about being President.  No, no, no- not as in “Hello, Madame President Lynley”, but as in relation to crushed goldfish and melted crayons in the deepest … Continue reading

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Marilyn and Elvis

          How do you become a one word household name, like Marilyn or Elvis?  Why are they so popular, so fascinating?   As I get older, I seem to appreciate these icons with a better sense … Continue reading

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When Eli, my fourth child, was around 4 or 5 months old, I began to have problems sleeping.  More than the usual sleeping problems that come with a new baby.  I would wake-up with a jolt, sit straight-up like a … Continue reading

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Sweet Summer and a Blueberry Tart

I am back from Summer’s Leave of Absence.  Yep, I had zero desire to write on this blog, as that would require me sitting down, formulating thoughts, writing, re-writing.  Certainly not going to happen in the heat with all my … Continue reading

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To do two things at once, is to do neither. When I had my first baby, I started watching The Today Show with Katie Couric.  She was the only news person I quite liked on all the morning shows.  She … Continue reading

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Goblin Valley

It’s January.  You’ve just been through Christmas- one of the busier times of the year.  You’re taking down the decorations, vacuuming up tinsel and the last of the pine needles.  The days are darker and colder, scarves sit at the … Continue reading

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The Green Thing

My mom doesn’t get on Facebook, she doesn’t read blogs (mine included), she searches on Google… maybe once a month? (just doesn’t occur to her to use it when she has a question about something- like the number to the … Continue reading

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