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The Thought of You

Watch this, “The Thought of You”: I love it.  I feel it.  It seems real, I could watch it over and over. But. I’m puzzled.  about the ending.  Which I guess means I’m wondering about the beginning as well, … Continue reading

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Mad as Hell

Have you seen the Inside Job?  If you haven’t- GO SEE IT!  Watch it on Netflix, borrow it from the library… whatever you need to do to get this information in your head.  It’s important.  Just beware, cause it’ll make … Continue reading

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I love Ruby Red Grapefruit.  I have loved it ever since gorging on it in Texas.  Cause in Texas, the ruby red grapefruit is as sweet as candy, and as big as the state flag.  I am so glad to … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen rant

If you haven’t seen this interview of Charlie Sheen allready, take a look:   You’ll notice the wild, cagey look in his face and eyes. You’ll notice he’s smoking during the interview.  He has to. He’s getting a divorce from … Continue reading

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The Third and the Seventh

If you like color, lines, texture, beautiful light, architecture, creative genius, artistic awareness and zen-like music,.. you Gotta see this clip from Alex Roman, called  “The Third and the Seventh”.  Watch first, and then read the rest of the post.  … Continue reading

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He kills me

I’m married, but I still have me a celebrity crush here and there.  And here and there is very much true, as there aren’t many celebrities worthy of my “crush”.  And almost never, will they remain anything but fleeting.  It’s … Continue reading

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