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Mad as Hell

Have you seen the Inside Job?  If you haven’t- GO SEE IT!  Watch it on Netflix, borrow it from the library… whatever you need to do to get this information in your head.  It’s important.  Just beware, cause it’ll make … Continue reading

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Libya ??

Decisions that change the world. A few weeks ago, I was out at the supermarket, thinking of Libya.  The rebel’s revolution was only a few weeks old, things were developing, we were waiting and watching to see what Qaddafi would … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen rant

If you haven’t seen this interview of Charlie Sheen allready, take a look:   You’ll notice the wild, cagey look in his face and eyes. You’ll notice he’s smoking during the interview.  He has to. He’s getting a divorce from … Continue reading

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The Dignity Revolution

Amazing things are happening over in Egypt. President Obama declared:  The people of Egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard and Egypt will never be the same.” An article in NPR points out:  “The characters in the story of … Continue reading

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Person of the year

When did you join facebook?  If it was pre-2006, you are very cool. Facebook started in 2003, but was intended first for Harvard.  In 2004, facebook takes on the rest of the colleges.  In 2005- Highschools.  In 2006:  Facebook opens … Continue reading

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